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Dave Shen-Miller, PhD

I am passionate about helping clients reach their potential. We accomplish this together through a humanistic, interpersonal, mind-body-spirit integration that uses your strengths and resources. For me, therapy is not about fixing what is wrong, but about finding what is working and deepening your skills to increase your health, well-being, and overall happiness. I care deeply about providing excellent care, and trying out new ways of relating and thinking that may lead to change and optimize your health and connection with others. Although the past is important, we'll also focus on the here and now.


I rely on scientific practices in psychotherapy, focusing on restoring mind-body connection, self-care, and overall mental well-being. Men's health, anxiety, depression, existential issues, grief/loss, multiculturalism, and work are among my interests. Group therapy, psychological assessment, consultation, and research are also significant parts of my practice.


I have been active in men's health for 18 years, including directing a Men's Center, and working as clinician, consultant, and researcher with multiple papers and two edited books. As a former ballet dancer, I am familiar with body image and performance issues as well.


Tom Farmer, PsyD

Working with individuals and families is a collaborative process. I hope to use my many clinical experiences to help guide clients through a path toward more satisfaction in life. Therapy is not a process of simple "change," but rather a process of finding and developing aspects of satisfaction in careers, families, leisure, and relationships that likely exist when we weed through the days' challenges. Through my years as a clinician, I know how to challenge that process. Through my years of teaching, I know when I can simply step aside and admire the strengths that each of us have inside.

My experiences in psychological assessment/treatment span from neuropsychological evaluations in a medical setting to work in psychiatric hospitals for those in extreme distress. I believe I offer a wholistic and comprehensive understanding of clients. Focusing on the science and the mind-body connection are essential for genuine growth.

I have spent years as a professor of psychology. I maintain expertise by teaching psychological assessment, family systems, and adult therapy to future clinicians at Bastyr University. While I enjoy the seeing growth in both students and clients, often they teach me how to be a better person.


Abbie Spear, LSWAIC

I believe that every person has the potential to be successful and happy. Families can often feel ‘stuck’ in their current struggles and unable to overcome the challenges they are experiencing. Therapy can help to bring out a child’s unique strengths and abilities while fostering understanding between family members.


As a Child and Family therapist, I work with children age 3-14 and their families, specializing in ADHD, anxiety/depression, inter-family conflict, and support during family transitions.


I also work with adults experiencing parenting issues, life transitions, anxiety/depression and ADHD.


When working with children I strongly encourage parental involvement. Therapy doesn’t exist in a vacuum and it is my belief that therapeutic success can only be achieved when therapists and caregivers work together. I use a blend of cognitive-behavioral therapy, play therapy, and art therapy.


When working with adults, I emphasize an ecological and strengths based approach. I believe that with the right tools, every person is capable of success.


I have previously worked with both children and adults in social service agencies and have experience navigating available resources in the community as well as within the school system.


Dana Simerly, LMHCA

Here are some things to expect when we sit across from each other. I will want to have meaningful and honest conversations about the things in life that are hard for you to explore. Together, we will make a space to be able to give life to the words that are difficult to say out loud and help you grow in ways that feel useful to you. This can be a painful process and most often is worth it.

Some concerns that I often see include: Coping with sudden or traumatic losses, complicated, prolonged, or disenfranchised grief, depression, anxiety, issues regarding identity or meaning, relationships, and shame and vulnerability.


My work tends to be rooted in Buddhist and existential concepts though I pull from a lot of different types of therapies. I am currently in the process of getting a certification in thanatology (the study of death, dying, and bereavement) from the Association of Death Education and Counseling (ADEC).


Binit Kaur, LMHCA

I see the therapeutic process as a journey that is unique to every individual. Working from a psychosocial, holistic approach, I use techniques from yoga and meditation in my sessions, along with an eclectic approach drawing from CBT, mindfulness-based interventions, psychodynamic, humanistic and existential therapies. Most essential to our work, I offer a safe, authentic, empathetic space for us to for genuine connection and explore what brings you to therapy. The process often leads to change, and I see therapy as a primary tool to support you as you gather the courage to address and make that change. I am here to support you in getting in touch with your emotions and values, and discovering and reaching your goals. This may include but of course is not limited to more effective communication and satisfying relationships.


I have worked in a variety of settings and with a varied demographic. As a school counselor I worked with students, parents and teachers. At TISS/University I taught young adults and related closely to understand their issues and concerns, and as a private practitioner I worked with individuals with personal and workplace concerns. I have also worked with adults with a range of issues, including adjustment, mood and anxiety disorders, questions of identity, personal growth and spirituality, and cultural issues. I speak Hindi fluently and have experience working with migrant communities, especially those from South Asia. 


Cori Raddigan, LICSWA, ICAADC

Life can be overwhelming with all of the various circumstances, responsibilities, and pressures we face. Sometimes there are past issues, that no matter how hard we try to shake, they just won’t let go.    At our very core we need connection.  Yet, with all of the demands of modern life, we lose authentic connection with others AND with ourselves.  The way back is by traveling inward and rediscovering your inherent strength and wisdom.  All that is required is a desire for personal growth and healing, coupled with a willingness to take action.  The fact that you are here indicates that you are ready!

I understand what it is like to face a hurdle.  I have both personal and professional experience navigating challenges with adults, families, couples, and children.  As a Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker (LICSW-A) and Internationally Certified Advanced Alcohol and Drug Counselor (ICAADC), I can help you navigate your own journey.  You hold the map, and I offer assistance in reading it.  I help you decode, interpret, identify obstacles, shine the light, and walk alongside you on your path.  Along with traditional therapy approaches, I am formally trained in EMDR.  I utilize this powerful tool to help you unhook from challenges of the past.  I share effective strategies to help reconnect you with your authentic self, where you can regain a sense of purpose and experience greater joy and harmony in your life.

“The road is there; it will always be there.  You just have to decide when to take it.”  - Chris Humphrey


Brandon Gibs, MA LMHC, SUDPT

What I do:

I am best described as a passionate, deeply engaged storyteller. My therapeutic practice is influenced greatly by this aspect of who I am, giving me above all the opportunity to serve as an eager witness to the people with whom I sit.

In therapy, I specialize in sexual topics (including healthy sexual relationships, Kink, Poly, BDSM, out-of-control sex behavior, trauma, Aro/Ace spectrum), gender exploration and affirmation, substance use and addiction, culture shock and life transitions, Black and Latinx Psychology, personality disorders, depression, anxiety, and LGBTQ2IA+/ Counseling.

My approach is rooted in the powerful traditions of Narrative therapy and Attachment theory. I also incorporate extremely useful aspects of popular, evidence-based therapies such as Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) and Internal family Systems (IFS). Together, we will look to discover and appreciate your own “inner dialogue” and “parts,” as well as important narratives (the stories you tell yourself about yourself) in your life. From there, I will encourage you to evaluate, adapt and/or completely overhaul any aspects of these thoughts and stories that are unhelpful. We will work together to honor the helpful aspects of these narratives, as well as exploring newer, healthier, and more useful ones!


For me, the term “mental health” means the learned ability to keep on functioning and living your best life possible, rather than an absence of any stress, problems or psychological challenges. Let’s bring out your resilience and strengths! Thank you for considering me as someone who can be part of your story.

More about me:

I often think I’m yelling, though am told that I have no “outside voice.” I have a wonderful oddball of a fur-child, named Mooi Pereza (my dog). I also enjoy camping, reading, cooking, making music, and everything having to do with telling stories on film! I originally hail from the Midwest and likely have more pairs of overalls than anyone you know. Feel free to ask me about any and all of these things, as we get to know one another.

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